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Ready For A Swamp Adventure?

a large reptile in the water

Right now is the perfect time to head out to the swamp. The temperatures are not too hot just yet, but it is warm enough so you get to enjoy the beautiful swamp scenery. When going on a swamp tour in June or July, you should see a lot of wildlife and plenty of alligators. Before going on your swamp adventure, find out a little bit more about our indigenous American Alligator.

Be Aware Of Alligator Nests

Did you know that the female American Alligator, which is indigenous to our swamps here in Louisiana, lays between 20- 60 eggs around late June and early July? Female alligators usually build a nest made of mud, sticks and other plants. The nest is actually more like a mount and once the alligator has finished building it, the nest will be about three feet high and will have a 6 foot diameter. To keep the eggs warm the alligator will cover them with sand or vegetation after she laid them. Female alligators usually hide their nests well. They also guard the nests to protect the offspring since many other animals either like to eat the eggs (for example Raccoons) or will hunt alligator hatchlings. Some Alligator mothers will react by hissing or swimming towards you if you happened to get too close to a nest. Our experienced captains  know where some of the nests are hidden and will make sure not to get too close.

It takes about 63 to 68 days before hatching occurs. This means you will be able to see little baby alligators starting in mid August. Did you know that the temperature of the egg determines the gender of the Alligator? If the nest is laid on a riverbank in the sunlight, the offspring will mostly be males. If it is in a cool and shady place, the eggs will yield females.

American Alligators reach maturity when they are near 6 feet long, or around 10 to 12 years old.

We will make sure you get to see some alligators on your swamp adventure!

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