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Do Alligators Like Rain?

a close up of a reptile

The weather can be rather unpredictable in New Orleans during the summer. Even forecasters have a hard time determining when and where it will rain. We tend to get quite a bit of rain during our summers. As a matter of fact, Louisiana is considered to be the second wettest state in the U.S.. Taking a swamp tour in the rain can actually be fun. It won’t be as hot as it would be on a sunny day and you still will get to see a lot of wildlife.

What Happens When The Rain Is Coming Down

Alligators like to sunbathe because they can’t control their body temperature internally. When they are cold, they sunbathe, and when they are hot, they go for a swim. This means on a rainy day you may not see as many alligators on land, however, alligators are rather curious creatures which means they will swim up to a boat just to check it out even in the rain. Also, since it will most likely be a warm rain here in the New Orleans area, especially in summer, all the wildlife will be out and active. Most animals around here only start hiding when it gets cold outside. Since it has been raining lately, the swamp will be lush and green and you will be able to see many wildflowers blooming. Birds will also be out in the rain. If you think it might rain on your swamp tour, just make sure to pack a raincoat and maybe an extra pair of clothes, so you can change into a dry shirt and pants when you are done with your tour. No matter when you take a swamp tour with us, we can almost always guarantee that you will be able to see alligators in their natural habitat, rain or shine.

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