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Take Your Krewe To The Swamp Now

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Take Your Krewe To The Swamp

The Carnival season is upon us! This means from now till Mardi Gras day on February 25th, you and your Krewe will be very busy. There will be parties, balls and, of course, plenty of parades. How about a relaxing swamp tour before it gets really crazy? This will give you a chance to get to know your Krewe a little bit better.

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Right now, there is still a little bit of time before all the parades start rolling which means you and your Krewe will have a little bit of time on your hands. Now is also a great time to experience the Louisiana swamps. Our tours are very educational and fun. Our experienced tour guides will be able to answer all the questions about the swamp you and your Krewe might have. It is not too hot and it is not as humid as it will be during the summer months. There is less foliage in the trees which will give you and your Krewe a better view of the beautiful swamp scenery. Just keep in mind, if you and your Krewe are taking an airboat, bring jackets since it can get a little chilly.  Another advantage of taking a tour during that time of year, is that there will be less mosquitoes out. Alligators do hibernate during the cold winter months, but lay on the bayou banks on warmer days. So even in winter, Louisiana Tour Company’s captains can sometimes find a sunning gator on your tour. The slow drift of their tour boats through moss draped trees and small waterways will provide ample opportunity for viewing and photography. Winter also brings out the fur-bearing animals, including Nutria, deer, mink, otters and migratory birds.

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Experience the BEST swamp tour in New Orleans! The area toured is a combination of swamp, marsh and lake. The swamp is such a diverse ecosystem that you may see anything such as a bald eagle, a pelican, an osprey, or even an owl. Book online today!