Tired Of Easter Egg Hunts – Search For Alligators Instead

Swamp Tours - Alligator - Louisiana Tour CompanyEaster is almost here and everywhere you see Easter egg hunts happening. By now, you might be bored with the tradition, or maybe, you are just too old to enjoy it. How about you and your friends do something different this year and take a swamp tour together? You could still make a game of it, whomever spots the most alligators wins.

Perfect Timing

Right now is the perfect time to go on a swamp tour. The trees are just starting to bud so there isn’t a lot of foliage yet which means you will be able to take in the full scenery of the beautiful swamp. It’s not too hot yet and, best of all, the mosquitoes are not out in full force just yet.  Alligators are not hibernating anymore because the cold winter months are over. You will see them lay on the bayou banks soaking up the sun.  Louisiana Tour Company’s captains know the spots where the gators are sunning and will take you to them. The slow drift of their tour boats through moss draped trees and small waterways, will provide ample opportunity for viewing and photography. Book your trip today!

Our tours are Entertaining, Educational and Exciting. They provide you with a relaxing view of our beautiful swamps.

The wetlands of the Barataria swamps are so rich in seafood and wildlife, that when Thomas Jefferson bought the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, he was only interested in New Orleans and it’s Swamps. Thomas Jefferson considered Barataria Estuary, the crown jewel of the purchase.