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New Orleans Katrina Tours

As part of this tour, we will go to the view an area damaged when the Hurricane Katrina broke the levee and swept the residents and their homes away.

Katrina was a challenge for our tour business in August 2005, because after the storm and flooding, there were no tourist. We had to start over. For eight months after Katrina, my two sons and I, did roof & fence repair. We then decided to restart the business. We kicked off a City/ Katrina tour that included the good & bad. We try to highlight the attractions, as they were restarted. It was slow going, but over the years since Katrina, tourism has slowly rebounded. We invite you to come to the Big Easy – New Orleans. We have so much to offer and Bourbon Street is still a 24 hour party. The family & staff of Louisiana Tour Company stands ready to service your tour needs.

New Orleans City Tours

You will see: Jackson Square, St. Louis Cathedral, the Cabildo and the French Market. You tour guide will give you an overview of the “French Quarter”. He will point out areas of interest, so that you can explore them later, at your own pace.

You will travel slowly toward City Park and view 100 year old homes along Esplanade Avenue, on the way to the “Dueling Oaks” of New Orleans’ City Park. Visit an above ground cemetery, where you will go inside on a short guided tour. Your tour guide will explain how the people of New Orleans bury their dead above ground in re-useable tombs. This tradition was by necessity, not by choice.

Drive slowly down St. Charles Avenue, the American side of New Orleans. See some of the homes of the Garden District. You will pass Ann Rice’s home, Governor Claiborne’s Daughters home, circa 1840, the Elms Mansion, and much more. See the diverse Architecture of the American side of New Orleans.

Katrina / City Tours

Both the New Orleans Katrina tours and the New Orleans city tours are combined into one tour.