3 hour City / Katrina Tour + Large Airboat

Destrehan Plantation + Tour Boat

Part I: Destrehan Plantation Tour

Pick-up begins at 8:15am with a short 30 minute ride to Destrehan Plantation. Transportation is provided by our sister company “Alert Transportation.”  The driver goes hotel to hotel for the pick-up service. We ask that you allow us up to 30 minutes for the pick-up which will be curbside of your hotel. While taking the Destrehan Plantation tour, you will be viewing the oldest standing Plantation in the Mississippi Valley that is surrounded by majestic, 300 year old Oak Trees. The house has been beautifully restored to its original glory. The Destrehan Plantation house tour is approximately 1 hour and is given by professional tour guides that will enlighten and entertain you on this trip through history.  A Slave Quarter museum is a part of your tour of the plantation grounds.  That will give you 20 minutes after the tour to walk around the grounds and take some pictures.  Then its off for a Cajun Blast!!!

Part 2: Swamp Boat Tour
The Swamp Tour by Tour Boat leaves the dock at about 12:10pm and returns about 1:50pm. On this tour, you will enjoy a fully narrated swamp tour by one of our local captains in the comfort of a covered swamp tour boat. Our tour boats feature a roof, cushioned seats, windows that can be raised or lowered for the weather, restroom, and plenty of standing and walking room. You will enjoy close encounters with the indigenous swamp life as you learn about what it is like to live in the Louisiana swamps. You will return to your hotel around 2:45pm depending on traffic.

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Destrehan Plantation Tour & Swamp Boat Tour

Destrehan Plantation Tour – House tour about  1 Hour, Hotel pick up and Transportation included.

The Destrehan Plantation is one of the oldest standing plantation in the Mississippi Valley surrounded by majestic, 300 year old oak trees. The house has been beautifully restored to its original glory and has  a lot of history to see and to learn.

History of Destrehan Plantation

The History begins with a muddy river called the Mississippi River and dense swamp lands. Rene-Robert Cavelier Sieur de Salle traveled the beginning of the river to its end. He claimed the territory for France anticipating it to be a source of great wealth for the country. A young son of a Paris financial family, which was part of the court of Louis XV, packed his trunks and sailed to the new world. Destined to find a family that would have a profound impact on Louisiana and the entire United States, he helped set standards by which new territories would be included into the union and shaped the laws of the State of Louisiana. Little did this young man suspect that his son’s family home would still be standing in the 21st century.  We now refer to this home as Destrehan Plantation.

Established in 1787 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Destrehan Plantation remains the oldest documented plantation home in the lower Mississippi Valley. Located on the historic River Road, this antebellum home with its lush green grounds and moss draped Live Oaks watches over the banks of the Mississippi River just minutes away from New Orleans. In 2010 the site received a travel and tourism Louey Award naming it the 2010 Louisiana Attraction of the year. The plantation exhibits an original document signed by President Thomas Jefferson and Secretary of State James Madison appointing Jean Noel to the Orleans Territorial Council responsible for creating Louisiana’s civil law of government.

Swamp Boat Tour

We are only 35 minutes from New Orleans yet a world apart.  See the Cajuns of the Bayou living and surviving in harmony with the swamps. Here, the waterways are their highways. From the relaxed comfort of our covered New Orleans Swamp Tour Boats, we will drift slowly past a 2000 year old Indian Burial Mound, a Cajun cemetery and a Fishing village! You may see the wildlife that made the Barataria Swamps the Crown Jewel of the Louisiana Purchase. Here, birds, snakes, turtles, fur animals, and Gators are the king of the swamp and easily spotted in Spring, Summer, and Fall. Gators hibernate during the cold winter months, but lay on the bayou banks on warmer days. So even in Winter, our native Captains can sometimes find a sunning Gator on our tour. The slow drift of our tour boats through moss draped trees and small waterways will provide ample opportunity for viewing and photography. The New Orleans swamp tour boats are fully narrated and our captains are natives of the Barataria Swamps with a background of gator hunting, fishing and trapping. They will entertain and amaze you with the ecology of the swampland. They have lived the life!  Your Comfort is Guaranteed on our Tour Boats. They have a roof, restroom, cushioned seats, and windows that can be raised or lowered during cold or rainy weather, along with plenty of standing and walking room. These tours are Entertaining, Educational and Exciting. It provides you with a relaxing view of our beautiful swamps.