There are many great places to go on vacation with your children and one of those places that is often overlooked is the city of New Orleans. This unique and intriguing city is home to many fascinating adventures for your whole family to explore, as any young resident would tell you. Bourbon Street aside, there are many great places to enjoy with your children.

One of the best New Orleans kids activities is the insectarium. Because the city has a long history of the suffering through epidemics, this is a great place to have one of the largest insect museums in the country. It is located on Canal Street and has several exhibits that your children can interact with including a butterfly garden, fossils, and a caf� where the chef prepares several delicious bug treats.

Another popular attraction in New Orleans to take the kids is the zoo. This fabulous zoo is rated as one of the country’s best and has several different types of exotic animals in the habitats in which they would occur naturally. Favorite exhibits include the Louisiana Swamp, the Sea Lions, White Tigers, and Monkey Hill. On the property are also many live oak tress and lagoons that connect to the nearby Mississippi River. Not only does the zoo have many different species of animals, but also it is home to an Endangered Species Carousel where you could host a birthday party, a petting zoo, a rock climbing wall, a train, and a safari simulator.

audubon zooOn the zoo property is another popular place to take the kids, the water park. This water park has an animal theme and is a favorite of both children and adults alike. It has attractions that can be enjoyed by children as young as toddler age and many benches for adults to rest and watch the children enjoy the park.

The aquarium is another major attraction that kids can enjoy during a family vacation to New Orleans. This unique attraction had to close temporarily after Hurricane Katrina, but has since re-opened. Some of its most popular exhibits include the penguins, otters, sea horses, and a rare white alligator, Spots. There is also an IMAX theater where you can enjoy movies that vary seasonally.

Finally, another location for popular New Orleans kids activities is the children’s Museum, which has been popular for 20 years. It is one of the highest rated children’s museum sin the country and young visitors can pretend they are shopping in a miniature grocery store or giving a news broadcast in a miniature television studio. They can also learn about the workings of the eye as they journey through a giant eyeball. In recent years, improvements have included adding interactive video games that teach children how to have a proper diet, be safe, and stay drug free.

A visit to one or more of these New Orleans kids activities can result in a memorable and successful family vacation.