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Alligators In Our Swamps

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The Alligators You Will See On Our Swamp Tours

If you want to come up close and personal with some Louisiana Alligators, our swamp tours are perfect for you. Take a look at the YouTube video. The 8 alligators you will see in the video are only a tiny fraction of the reptiles we encounter on one single tour. Not only will you be able to see the alligators up close, you will also learn about our wildlife. Our experienced and knowledgeable captains will tell you everything you always wanted to know about alligators. You will learn about their habitats, their mating behaviors and how they built the nests for their eggs. But alligators are not the only wildlife you will encounter on our tours. Besides alligators, you will see snakes and birds along with other swamp animals. Furthermore, our captains will take you down the bayous and canals and will show you breathtaking swamp vistas.

When To Go On A Swamp Tour

You might be worried that it is too cold right now to take a swamp tour; however, there are some advantages to taking a swamp tour this time of year. There is less foliage which allows you a better view of the beautiful swamp scenery. Of course, it will be colder and if you decide to take an airboat, make sure to dress warm. Another advantage of taking a tour during this colder time of year, is that there will be less mosquitoes out. Alligators do hibernate during the cold winter months, but lay on the bayou banks on warmer days. So even in winter, Louisiana Tour Company’s captains can sometimes find a sunning Gator on your tour. The slow drift of their tour boats through moss draped trees and small waterways will provide ample opportunity for viewing and photography. Winter also brings out the fur-bearing animals, including Nutria, deer, mink, otters and migratory birds.

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Experience the BEST swamp tour in New Orleans! The area toured is a combination of swamp, marsh and lake. The swamp is such a diverse ecosystem that you may see anything such as a bald eagle, a pelican, an osprey, or even an owl. Book online today!